Stony Brook Storm Surge Research Group

The Team

Principal Investigators:

Malcolm J. Bowman - Physical Oceanography, Group Leader
Frank Buonaiuto - Coastal Geology
Brian Colle - Mesoscale Meteorology
Roger Flood- Marine geology
Douglas Hill - Coastal Hydrology
Robert E. Wilson- Physical oceanography
Jindong Wang - Physical Oceanography (PhD Student)
Tom Diliberto - Atmospheric Science (MS Student)
Robert Hunter - Software Development (BS Student)
Alexander Mintz - Software Development (BA Student)
Hamish Bowman - Model Integration
Charles Flagg - Coastal Oceanography

Funded by Stony Brook Storm Surge Research Group Partners

Project Description: The Stony Brook Storm Surge Research Group is developing a real-time weather and ocean storm surge prediction system which can be used for a variety of purposes. Such uses include hurricane and nor 'easter flooding predictions and alerts, water quality and effluent dispersion, the feasibility of building storm surge barriers to protect the New York Metropolitan region from storm damage and coastal flooding in an era of global climate change and rising sea level.

For a more detailed description, visit the project website.

The Eppley Foundation for Research, Inc.

Current Moon Phase


The Hydrodynamic Model and Database

Disclaimer: This is a research product still under development and should never be used for emergency management decisions relating to protection of life or property under any circumstances.

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